About our team

We are a group of engineers like you, mostly from Mumbai University, who believe that most of the question paper solutions out there today are crap. 

5 line answers for 10 mark questions... Answers copied over from Google... No answers for some of the harder questions. You know what we are talking about... 

We are going to change that. Our team consists of people who actually know how to write answers. That's right! Almost all of them have first class in each semester till now. Some of us are toppers of our department in the college.

So when we say quality answers, we mean quality answers.

Our Team

Yashbeer Singh                                                     


Computer engineer by profession, Perfectionist by nature. 

Loves to learn and tryout new things and follows "work hard and party harder" ethics.

Neha Natarajan

Graphic Designer

Passionate designer who converts imagination into reality in minutes!

Pixels perfect designs gets her title 'The pixel girl'

Sanket Shingote


With mind blowing observational skills under his hood, Sanket is keen in having new experiences. "Fighting till the end" nature makes him perfect team mate

Chinmay Deshpande

R & D Chief

He doesn't beat around bush... directly hits the bulls eye. Focused mind, creative thoughts, and hard work makes him an excellent teammate.

Jason Dias

Comps Head

Avid fan of football... He is a team player and knows how to win "THE Game"

Sayali Sawant

IT Head

Superrr fast girl... full of energy always! She is known for her sped and precision.

Tanuja Mahadik

Electronics Head

Accepting challenges is her hobby. Title "Smart girl" earns her a distinct advantage over others and Hardworking nature adds cherry to the cake.

Chetna Singh


When it comes to work.. No one can catch her hand! Perfect to the core, she has profound experience in teaching. "Chetna knows almost everyone and everything"

Darrel Bobby

Mech Head

Cutting edge humor and arguments makes Darrel unconquerable. Management is in his blood... absolutely passionate about it!