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Do you know the secret of scoring in university exams?
Why not use your talent to earn goodwill.

Write answers to university questions and -

  • get points on upvotes
  • earn badges, certificates,  and win exciting gifts
  • receive tons of 'Thank You' from community members
  • collect 1000 points and join us at KT280 Party in January 2017

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Brand Ambassador

Students have loved KT280 since its inception. Now, it’s time we strengthen this bond even more.. and we would love to do so with your help.

We wish our College Ambassador to be :

  • Skilled in spreading the word among students.
  • Well connected to various student communities.

Since you empower us, we empower you back with a recommendation letter stating your marketing talent.

More? Okay,

If you are interested in coordinating sales, where your only job will be to collect orders from your friends and pass it on to us (We’ll take care of delivery and entire logistics), you earn 10% flat commission on the order amount. 
FYI…That’s more than a normal bookstore uncle makes! ..Wohooo!!

Interested? It's easy to become an KT280 ambassador.  Just 2 easy steps - 
  1. Signup with KT280
  2. Choose ‘Brand Ambassador' while filling up signup form.
Then, you will receive a brochure explaining what to do exactly.